12 wash basins at Christmas


On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a choice of twelve wash basins …

1. 12.5″ raku-fired vessel

bathroom basin

Sinks Faucets and More

2. Hand-sculpted travertine basin

bathroom basin

Natural Stone Solutions

3. Osaka – wall-mounted walnut shelf with rectangular basin

bathroom basin

Dolphin Bathrooms

4. Regia Rotero glass wash basin

bathroom basin

Lavabo | Giant

5. SB.K brushed stainless steel basin

bathroom basin


6. Techno S1 slate basin
Techo S1 slate basin

7. Ice Cube glass mosaic basin

bathroom basin

Sinks Gallery

8. Fusion teak wash-hand basin

William Garvey teak basins

9. Cono cone-shaped copper basin

bathroom basin


10. Spice Glass rectangular basin

bathroom basins

Bespoke Glass Basins

11. George Jennings antique basins

Antique marble basin

12. S-shaped Sono io basin

bathroom basin

Tenda Dorica

ESI references:



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