Post-industrial waste and interior design

Post-industrial waste

Dapple coloured plastic sheeting - Smile Plastics

A good article from Chris Tobias on Singh Intrachooto’s work at Kasetsart University in Thailand.

A former architect and construction manager, Intrachooto now leads an ongoing project on creating products from the waste stream of industrial processes. Everything, from pipes, metal foils and plastic chips to Tetra-Pak containers and fabrics, is re-used to create new products.

The Ecologist argues that waste is a resource and design culture needs to move away from a ‘cradle to grave’ approach to a ‘cradle to cradle’ one.

Product examples:
– Tandus produces carpet backing made from industrial waste produced during the manufacture of car windscreens and safety glass.
– Bob Campbell makes ‘industrial art furniture’ using scrap metal such as drums and chains.
– Ecodura is a large-scale producer of beds, bookshelves and storage furniture made from post-industrial waste and sustainably harvested pine in a solar-powered factory.
– Ecobond’s moulded wall tiles are made from ‘secondary aggregates and process by-products, traditionally regarded as waste and other waste materials capable of being bonded with binders.’
– Smile Plastics’ coloured plastic sheets are made from shredded industrial foodstuff containers mixed with factory scrap, with coloured plastic from underground pipes added for a ‘wild effect.’ Applications have included cubicles, tables, work surfaces and wall cladding.

For more information on sustainable eco-smart materials browse Kingston University’s rematerialise database. Find out about frit, straw board and coconut matting.



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