Masterplanning in interior design


Masterplanning is defined as “to develop or improve land, or a building complex, through a long-range plan that balances and harmonizes all elements”. It’s most often associated with urban planning, but how does it relate to interior design?

Coventry City Centre – Final Masterplan

In major healthcare  designs, masterplanning can be an important aspect. The Medical Precinct in Orissa, India is part of an ambitious plan to develop this rural area into to nurture a vibrant university township with a growing population of more than 500,000, into a global center of education and healthcare that would be on par with Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford. The masterplan focuses on sustainable features, including the use of daylighting and atriums.

Interior designers  in multi-disciplinary practices will integrate designs for large projects with the approach of architects and landscape designers and planners – the Highbury College Masterplan by AWW Architects (click Interior Design>Education) is an example.   The first stage in the redevelopment programme will provide a new City Learning Centre in central Portsmouth, enabling the College to forge links with the City, the University and raise its profile generally while improving accessibilty to FE provision across the whole region.

Components of an interior design master plan - Healthcare Design


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