LEDs and the future of sustainable lighting

LumeLEX 2000 by Lighting Services Inc

LumeLEX 2000 by Lighting Services Inc

A useful article from Popular Mechanics no less on the advantages of solid-state (LED and OLED) lighting, and the reasons why they are yet to be widely adopted by consumers or design professionals.

1. Energy efficiency
A LED circuit will approach 80% efficiency, meaning that 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light energy, whilst the remaining 20% is lost as heat energy. Incandescent bulbs operate at about 20% efficiency, with 80% of the electrical energy being lost as heat.

2. Operational life
LED lamps have an operational life of around 100,000 hours, whereas for incandescent bulbs it is approximately 10,000 hours.

3. Durability
LEDs don’t have a filament so are not damaged in circumstances where a incandescent bulb would break. They are also resistant to bumps and vibration.

4. Mercury free
There’s no mercury in LED lamps.

To be fair there are also a couple of downsides that LED lamps still need to address. They’re more expensive, which is largely down to the ‘limited economies of scale compared to the long-established techniques for manufacturing incandescents and fluorescents’, and they ‘render other colors poorly compared to traditional bulbs.

But there is huge potential. To put a number on it, the US Department of Energy calculates that the potential energy savings of broadly deployed LED and OLED lighting could save 1,488 terrawatt-hours (2010-2030), ‘representing a savings of $120 billion at today’s energy prices’.

Moving on, the winners of the Next Generation Luminaires™ awards were announced recently. Started in 2008, the awards promote excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED luminaires for general illumination in commercial lighting applications.

This year’s best in class were:

Curve by Finelite, Inc

Curve by Finelite, Inc

The Curve by Finelite is a portable desk lamp, producing a useful, rectangular beam of light over task area. Light levels can be adjusted by touch-activated dimming. The luminaire head and stem swivel, and the stem flexes to a height of 17″ or an extension of 16″. Power supply is a separate component; LED module is field replaceable.

Stile Styk by STILE, a brand of SPILIGHTING Inc.

Stile Styk by STILE, a brand of SPILIGHTING Inc.

Stile Styk is a linear, wall-mounted IP66-rated luminaire suitable for wall washing, illuminating white boards and other applications. The 1.5″ diameter housing is field adjustable and locks in place. Shown here with a remote power supply enclosure, Stile Styk is available in a range of white and colored light options, sizes, wattages, and mounting configurations.

Evolve™ LED R150 by GE Lighting Solutions

Evolve™ LED R150 by GE Lighting Solutions

The GE Evolve™ LED Series Roadway Medium Cobrahead provides good pavement uniformity, effective glare control, and reduced light trespass. The Evolve light engine consists of nested concentric directional reflectors that minimize the visibility of discrete LED’s. Low profile, die-cast housing with easy access to driver and light engine.

VizorLED by Philips Wide-Lite

VizorLED by Philips Wide-Lite

VizorLED is designed specifically for parking garage and undercanopy lighting. The Non-Direct View (NDV) optical system hides the LEDs from direct line-of-sight, significantly reducing glare, while maintaining luminaire and application efficacy. Five percent uplight also improves visual comfort. Control options include a dimmable driver and integral Proximo occupancy sensor with programmable low setting.

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