The Next Generation of Interiors


Tony Alleyne of 24th Century Design specialises in science fiction interiors. Not the kind, which we read about on an almost monthly basis in design magazines, where the cinema system talks to your phone and the fridge can order more prosciutto for you, but reproductions of science fiction film and TV sets, in particular, Star Trek.

The 500 sq ft studio apartment above, in Hinckley, Leicestershire, has an open-plan layout, with kitchen, central area, Transporter area, and a separate shower room. It is based on specifications from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager.

This apartment is mainly used for media purposes, but Tony has worked on other projects for private clients in the US. With this kind of bespoke project, attention to detail is very important to the clients, especially to the construction of the LCARS control panel (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System), which is synonymous with Star Trek.

Many enquiries are from enthusiasts looking for information about how to achieve the look of these projects. Alleyne is guarded about the materials and finishes he uses though: “After almost ten years of hard work and lots of research, I don’t offer a free advice service”, he says.

Tony also works in conventional contemporary interior design, and hopes to create an interior comprising both contemporary and science fiction elements. It is not surprising that Tony is passionate about sci-fi himself, and he says he could also design interiors modeled on other sci-fi films such as Aliens, Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica.

Links: Tony Alleyne, Decorative surfacing materials


2 Responses to “The Next Generation of Interiors”

  1. amol Says:

    Its really cool, i like a lot, thanks for sharing it. I will definitly try something like this in my projects

  2. Peter Says:

    Next Generation chairs!

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