Recession-busting trends


idfx covered luxury bathroom looks recently. The piece tracked the inception of this trend from statement pieces from big-name star designers, which has filtered down to a more mainstream demand. Several vanity units were showcased for those indulgent, high-end projects, with a focus on splashing out on the most lavish materials possible.

I also found the bianchini capponi collection, on West One Bathrooms’ site, which features six vanities designed with wood bases and beige marble tops.

CP Hart’s Hoxton vanities feature solid walnut and can have high-gloss,  copper, star anise or conker-clad drawers.

DesignerPages takes a look at the American market with a glitzy view on lighting inspired by the Oscars. A collection of glittering, metallic statement pieces are collected in a blog post on sister site 3rings, such as the Mirror Chandelier by Studio Roso at Boston’s Ames Hotel (below)…

… or the Savoy Chandelier by Zia-Priven, which features three tiers of handmade crystals.

Proof that some clients will still have a taste for luxury whatever the climate.


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One Response to “Recession-busting trends”

  1. Owen Philipson Says:

    Gold is being used in luxury bathrooms- I sometimes wonder how many luxury projects actually happen in the real world, but I found a blog post about one here: a luxury bathroom design involving gold bath and mosaic tiles.

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