Emeco Navy Chair: was nude, now gets recycled


I review design and architectural journals every month and last year I kept seeing Emeco’s Brushed|Polished ad for the Navy Chair, featuring Petty Officer Tony Cost, and Parisienne socialite Amelia-Louise Enright.

image from Chair Blog

This might be seen as more gratuitous nudity but the post on Chair Blog discusses the photo shoot in some detail, drawing attention the contrasting aluminium finishes that echo the models.

The Navy chair is 80% recycled aluminium (half post-consumer, half manufacturing scrap). Now Emeco has collaborated with Coca-Cola to design a version produced using recycled Coke bottles, which comprises 60% post-consumer PET.

111 recycled Coke bottles used in Emco Navy chair, via inhabitat.com

Click on the image for the post on Inhabitat.com, which discusses the design and manufacturing issues involved in producing the recycled plastic version.



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