Design to shape sustainable behaviour


It’s not all straw trousers and cardboard chairs, as Benjamin Hubert said.

A post this week on Mel Starrs’ blog that argued Green certification is no substitute for good design, especially when it comes to LEED and BREEAM – evidence that the building actually performs as designed is more important than ticking certification boxes.

This reminded me of a lecture at Ecobuild in March, chaired by Oliver Heath, which focused on designs that help shape people’s behaviour.

Elisabeth Buecher and Aurélie Mossé, of textile design company Puff & Flock showcased the Spiky shower curtain design. The ‘spikes’ inflate after four minutes spent under the water, taking over the space and discouraging long water-wasting showers.

Sofa So Good, designed by Puff & Flock for Ercol at the Milan Furniture Fair 2010, has woolen elements including arms (in the literal sense) that encourage you to cuddle up and keep warm so you don’t have to put the heating up. It also has customisable sections- developing a more personal relationship with your furniture, means you’ll be less likely replace it with something new after a short time.

More information on Sofa So Good is available on the Puff and Flock blog.


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