BBC World Cup Studio


The BBC’s £1million studio in Cape Town drew predictable criticism a few months ago, in the current austere financial climate. The disapproval, from the Daily Mail and other tabloids, was heightened by the BBC’s decision not to use the Soccer City media centre in Johannesburg. The move was reported as a snub for Johannesburg and the country’s capital Pretoria – places that are trying to shake off reputations for being crime-ridden, but are still considered as less appealing destinations.

The Mirror posted an article this week, from Martin Fricker behind-the-scenes pictures at the BBC studio.

The ‘coffee table’ uses coloured lighting (LED or perhaps cold cathode?) that seems to be slightly different between day and night broadcasts, giving a subtle change of mood.

Cape Town was chosen for the views of Table Mountain and Green Point stadium. The BBC defended it’s decision and described the construction as ‘flat-pack’ arguing that money will be saved when the studio is broken down to be used again later.

The light, airy feel of the studio is clearly important to the design, and keeping the windows spotlessly clean is obviously crucial to this.

The studio has five walls 23ft wide and is on the roof the six-storey Somerset hospital building, which is probably located somewhere behind the stadium in the picture below.



One Response to “BBC World Cup Studio”

  1. Paul Weston Says:

    A nice informative post, nice to see a bit of back ground goings on at the BBC. Interesting choice of lighting for the desk. Will they re-use any of the stuff as they say they will……?

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