Mondrian, interior design and cycling


Further to the post by my colleague on the combination of cycling and interior design to form furniture pieces, here are two products, and two projects (interior and external) that draw on the style of painter Piet Mondrian.

1: Furniture: Homage to Mondrian
Product type: Cabinet
Manufacturer: Cappellini
Supplier: Poltrona Frau UK

2: Cycling clothing:La Vie Claire/Wonder/Radar Jersey
Product type: cycling jersey
Manufacturer: Santini
Supplier: Prendas Ciclismo

3: Apartment and interior
Location: Alabang, Phillipines

4: Storage wall by Templestock

5: Building design
Location: Austin, Texas

Mondrian’s minimal style and use of primary colours is part of the De Stijl movement, also known as neoplasticism. It’s enduring popularity style can be seen in items as diverse as footwear and “art cars”

Link: Piet Mondrian archive

I like to add Mondrian- or De Stijl-inspired pieces to this post as I find them. Today I came across a rug, from


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3 Responses to “Mondrian, interior design and cycling”

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