Design trend: pixellation


If I blog about design trends, it is normally a theme I have picked up from somewhere else. In this case I noticed a trend for pixellated designs and thought I would pull together some examples.

Mode decorative laminate surfacing is made by Formica. It is part of their Patterns range of High Pressure Laminate. More information is available on our product specification directory,
This ‘Digit’ rug from Cristian Zuzunaga for Nanimarquina, is available at the Conran Shop. There are two models: one is a combination of 26 bright tones and the other (below) focuses more on monochromatic tones. I saw it on Arianna Interiors blog, and it made it’s debut at this year’s Milan furniture fair.

Moving outside the building, the trend for pixellated designs has filtered through to cladding. This timber ventilated rainscreen facade, for the Stadthaus in London was designed by Eurofox Engineering. Whilst the pattern looks random, it was in fact created by recording the changing sunlight and shadows formed on the vacant site using sun path animation.  The resulting image was pixelated, picked up, stretched and wrapped around the building. More info on our building products website,


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One Response to “Design trend: pixellation”

  1. Owen Philipson Says:

    Some more pixellation trends in lamps, in DesignerPages’ newsletter here

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