Acoustics and aesthetics


I recently researched various acoustic products, I thought I’d counter the practical considerations with some less functional, more attractive links.

There were lots of design suggestions in a recent mailing from designerpages, a website that concentrates a little more on aesthetics, such as the acoustic tile below from Buzzispace.

Designerpages also shows us the Starsilent recycled soundboard for creative ceilings. When architects do design the surface of the ceiling, it can be a welcome layer of interest in a space.

9wood wooden acoustic ceilings can be used to trigger cabin imagery or possibly an old-style coffered ceiling in a dark, smoky library. Architect Alvar Aalto has brought acoustic wood ceilings to modern architecture with his clean, Finnish designs.

From, Wallsorba acoustic panels have a glasswool core that absorbs sound. The panels are finished in high-quality acoustic fabrics that are available in a choice of 20 colours.

Acoustic GRG Products offers the RPG Absorbor panel, which is available in a range of standard colours, or digitally printed surfaces. The option of custom designs with this products opens up creative opportunities when acoustics are a requirement.

[08/06/2012 – UPDATE]

I noticed a post on Dezeen today showcasing three theatre spaces in New York designed by Frank Gehry.

In one space, overlapping plywood plates give the walls a textured surface designed to enhance the acoustics of the room.

More plywood panels cover surfaces and balconies in the 199-seat theatre, but here they are stained dark brown.

Photography is by James Ewing/OTTO.



4 Responses to “Acoustics and aesthetics”

  1. Interior Decor Design Says:

    Wonderful way of incorporating the essential with the non essential. Great Ideas!

  2. TheSilverFox Says:

    Great post… thanks. A very important, interesting and often under- considered aspect of space/ room design. Great ideas, I wonder how long it will be before it reaches the home set.. with their wooden floors and lack of sound absorption. Would ease the ear ache at dinner parties!

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