Guest post: Contemporary lighting


Today we have a guest post from Arcadian Lighting, a manufacture of fittings from the US, with a selection of contemporary lighting ideas.

Hi all! My name is Jenn and I write for Arcadian Lighting, a fantastic source for information and ideas on lighting fixtures for your home. I love writing about interior design and particularly lighting, as a great light fixture can really make or break the entire look of a space. I also spend a good portion of my day perusing inspiring websites like the expert advice provided on ESI Interiors’ blog. Thanks for having me!

Traditional lighting has reigned supreme for decades but it’s only been more recently that designers have looked outside the lightbox and reinvented a myriad of lighting fixtures – today there’s no shortage of contemporary lighting to choose from. Created like works of art and used as task as well as accent lighting, here are eight modish fixtures that demonstrate the wide range of stylish possibilities.


Contemporary Lighting

This one-of-a-kind contemporary lighting fixture resembles an eerie spider with long-reaching “arms” and “legs” outfitted with spotlights.

Invisible and Amazing

Contemporary Lighting

Sometimes the most striking of contemporary lighting is the type where you don’t see the fixture at all – up-lighting highlights this sweeping floating staircase.

Mirrored Effects

Contemporary Lighting

This dashing duo of pendant lights with black barrel shades looks even more dramatic when reflected in a massive mirror.

Mix It Up

Contemporary Lighting

There are several contemporary lights in this space – the arched floor lamp adds visual appeal to the living room while the ceiling light and table lamp are almost space-like.

Punch of Colour

Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary lighting in bold hues, like this classic chandelier that has been updated with lavender baubles, always takes centre stage in a space.

All in Black

Contemporary Lighting

A melange of modern black ceiling lights grouped together over this glass table makes a major sophistication statement in this dining room.

Standing Tall

Contemporary Lighting

A floor lamp in a vibrant hue such as orange complements the bright stripes and tones in this funky couch and area rug.

Chic Sconces

Contemporary Lighting

Sconce contemporary lighting, both in bathroom light fixtures along with wall-mounted ones, creates ambience and mood in this mod bathroom.

What do you think of these contemporary lighting inspirations? Comments are welcome! Come over to Arcadian Lighting for more contemporary lighting fixtures!

Thanks to Jenn for this post. For contemporary lighting suppliers in the UK, specialising in contract or high-end residential products, you can also compare lighting products on

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  1. A Guest Post Over at ESI Interiors | Lighting Fixtures & Lamps Blog Says:

    […] we are visiting London based interior design blog, Interior Design! Their blog is full of new ideas and products for architects, interior designers and other design […]

  2. Soren Says:

    Nice post, love the lamp on the first picture, do you know its name?

    Btw check out my blog at its in danish, but thnik google can helt you 🙂


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