Stone floor trends for 2012


I wrote recently about the popular pale cream marble, Crema Marfil, which has been a popular choice amongst architects and interior designers for some time.

Recently clients and designers have been steering away from warm yellow tones, and opting more for classic creams and beiges. However, for 2012, leading stone companies advise that blue and grey hues are expected to be most in demand.

Vix Blue Honed Limestone by Mandarin Stone

New Montpellier, by Lapicida Stone Group

The new stone by Lapicida above offers a classic look, but antique finished stones will also always have a prominent place in the market, for private clients wishing to create a traditional, distressed stone floor look.

Silver Green Slate, BAT reception area by Kirkstone

Tudra Honed Limestone, Mandarin Stone

The trends for finishes vary – glamorous polished stone has certainly become more popular over recent times, giving a chic, modern surface feel in residential settings.

Brathay Blue Black slate, by Kirkstone

The striking project shown above is the St Regis Hotel in Osaka, Japan, by GA Design and photographed by Nacasa-san. Honed Brathay Blue Black slate provides a darker shade and is used in the flooring in the spa area in addition to skirtings and cladding for the bar.

Reclaimed stone is also coming to the fore. These products also give a more rustic feel, which may tie in with a feeling of austerity and a move away from glam in the current climate. Antique tiles are recovered and from delapidated properties, and this is also expected to strike an environmental chord, as recycling and upcycling become commonplace amongst consumers.

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    Great blog!!
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