Three baths using unusual materials


These baths are made from something a bit different – traditionally enameled ceramic is the material of choice, but this can chip easily, has limitations in the shapes it can be manufactured into, and does not hold heat as well as some other materials. We look at glass, concrete and composite baths.

The Naked bath concept is supplied in the UK by THJ Solutions. The acrylic bath is finished with a coloured glass top and a frame that can be customised with shelves, towel rails and panels. It has proven popular for both the residential and commercial sectors.

Concrete baths are brand new concept, also from THJ Solutions. They are made in Ductal- a fibre cement developed by Lafarge that can be coloured and moulded into unusual shapes.

The Pleasance Plus bath, by Cabuchon® Bathforms, is handmade and custom-built using Ficore®, a solid composite material created and trademarked by Cabuchon’s parent company Design & Form Ltd. It permits greater sharpness of design detail and offers a number of other advantages over more conventional alternatives. The bath’s characteristic squared rim edges could not be achieved using other commercially available materials.

Ficore® is stronger and more rigid than any non-metal or stone bath but, unlike both, it is neither heavy nor liable to chipping. It carries a 25 year guarantee and exhibits superior heat insulation and energy saving properties. Tests have shown that it keeps water hot more than six times longer than acrylic and more than twelve times longer than vitreous enameled metal, so it keeps the user feeling comfortable and obviates the need for frequent refilling.



2 Responses to “Three baths using unusual materials”

  1. Paul Dwyer Says:

    These baths look fantastic, and would create brilliant focal point in any bathroom. Also Nick’s a great bloke too!

  2. Owen Philipson (@ESIinteriors) Says:

    Thanks for the comment! Yes, Nick kindly supplied me the images and they seem great pieces.

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