Stone wall trends: split face and bookmatch


Split Face stone, for wall applications, is on trend at the moment, especially for the commercial market. These types of textured stone panels are being frequently used for projects such as bars.

Oyster Split Face Mosaics, by Mandarin Stone

Antique English Reverse Face tiles, Lapicida Stone Group

Cream Quartzite Mini Split Face, Mandarin Stone

Bespoke bookmatch tiles or panels are highly popular at the moment amongst owners of high end residential properties in London. A single slab of stone is split down the middle, giving two pieces with matching mirror-image veining and features.

Bookmatch stone panel and stone bowls, Lapicida Stone Group

The trend is not limited to high end properties in the capital, however, as the marble vanity below shows. It, along with bookmatch shower cladding, was produced and installed by Marble Arts, who operate in the North-East and Cumbria.

Bookmatch vanity, by Marble Arts

And although bookmatching is on-trend right now, it isn’t a brand new concept and has been used in residential bathrooms for some years. It’s also being seen in commercial projects, however: Kirkstone’s Silver Green slate has been used for bookmatch wall panels in an office project for Foxtons the estate agent (below).

Bookmatch wall panels, Kirkstone. Architect m.studios


There is a residential project showcased on DesireToInspire that features a nice panel of split-face stone wall cladding to a kitchen area in a San Fransisco house. It’s clear that this trend is being taken up around the world.

The stone is used on two sides of an internal wall, with the split-face cladding used on the stairs in the living area echoing that behind the cooker and island in the kitchen. references
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