Finding interior design products online


Finding products online can be a challenge for interior designers.

In this video, Su Butcher of Just Practising talks to interior, landscape and garden designer Francoise Murat about how she used to find an FSC certified timber flooring product. Francoise uses the website in all her projects, to identify the right companies before she gets in touch.

As the amount of material available online increases, finding quality information quickly is more and more difficult, especially when you are responsible for purchasing materials for an interior design or landscaping product. can make identifying the right products so much quicker than a conventional search engine. The designer can drill down to ensure they find the right type of material, with the right performance characteristics and the necessary certifications.

Francoise’s use of reflects the range of disciplines she works in, and illustrates how effective the website is in finding relevant solutions for a wide array of built environment projects.

She concludes with some advice for product manufacturers and suppliers who can help designers like her choose and use their products, by adding useful drawing or model files to websites like

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I’d love to hear about how you usually search for interior products online.
-How does it work for you?
-What do you find frustrating?
-How could it be made easier?

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Thanks to Su Butcher and Francoise Murat & Associates.



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