Laufen Palomba Collection


The Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen has added a new double washbasin to the Palomba Collection and reworked the furniture range. The successful collection has been continually expanded by Laufen since 2005 to include co-ordinating washbasins, WCs, bidets, bathtubs and shower trays.

Laufen extends the combination options in the Palomba Collection with a new double washbasin. Like all pieces in the collection, the double washbasin bears the ‛fingerprint of nature’ as Ludovica and Roberto Palomba call the organic design inspired by nature: two asymmetrical bowls of differing sizes are like lagoons, sunk into the 1600 mm wide and impressively flat ceramics. The user has lots of surface space around the bowls, while an elegant, chromed hand towel rail optionally ensures extra comfort – it is also available in appropriate widths for the Palomba Collection single washbasins 01, 02 and 12.

The furniture range in the designer series has now also been reworked: the new vanity unit for the 01, 02 and 12 Palomba Collection washbasins, as well as a new, very high quality, white synthetic resin surface for the entire furniture collection are truly impressive. An innovation is that the new vanity units are combined with an extremely shallow siphon, so that siphon cut-outs in the drawers are not required. This translates into more storage space for the people using them. The Swiss bathroom specialists have accordingly modified the proven siphon design for this exclusive new development and also secured the exclusive distribution rights.

Laufen has also attached great importance to high-quality drawers: all drawers in the new vanity unit feature sturdy metal sides and close gently and noiselessly, thanks to the integrated soft-close mechanism. For the fittings on the drawers, Laufen has used only tried-and-tested, top-quality, durable components made by renowned European manufacturers.

The Palomba Collection is primarily based on a few elements that are combined in a number of ways to create vanity units. Until now the clearly structured furniture range was available in real light oak or macassar wood surfaces. A new top-class synthetic resin surface in matt white is now also available. It offers various benefits: the sophisticated glossy surface is water-repellent, extremely robust and very easy to clean. Combined with the aluminium door and drawer handles, it is a superlative eye-catcher for any bathroom.

Now more than ever, the Palomba Collection sees itself as a truly modular range for interior design at its best. As a result, bathroom designers and architects can create stand-alone spaces for washing, but also integrate the ceramics into modern, urban bathrooms. Co-ordinating mirrors and light fittings are of course also available.

Laufen Palomba Collection
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