Nooks and crannies


Nooks and crannies, window seats, those little ‘extra’ spaces that are thought through and judiciously placed in a building by clever designers. Do them right, and they become enjoyable wee corners to read, chat, sleep, work or just think. Get them wrong and they’ll sit empty or become havens for clutter. Windows are an ideal place to put them, to enjoy and make use of some natural light. At the basic end, an extended low windowsill may suffice, but let your creativity run wild and you may end up with something like the trapezoidal window with ‘scoop’ seat below.

Bookworm by Atelier 010

via Contemporist

Window seat in an MSP office, Scottish Parliament

Pic – Adam Elder/Scottish Parliament
Photograph ©2004 Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body

DIY Reading Nook

via Trendir

Via Freshome: 36 window seats

North Kingsway Residence by ALTIUS ARCHITECTURE INC

via Formness


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4 Responses to “Nooks and crannies”

  1. Gill Few Says:

    Lovely piece, Owen – what a great idea to put it together! Best wishes Gill

  2. Owen Philipson Says:

    Here’s an amusing satirical comment on work nooks on the uber dry Unhappy Hipsters blog.


    He insisted on using the work nook as intended, knowing that the toe-smudge marks on the glass gave his partner heart palpitations.

  3. Owen Philipson Says:

    Children find the most unlikely nooks and crannies

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