Ferruccio Laviani on the new Kartell Taj table lamp


The new Kartell Taj Mini curved arch shape table lamp is a sculptural light by Ferruccio Laviani, available in 7 colours. The Taj Mini is perfect for bedside, side table, desk or shelf, and is a smaller, more discreet, versatile version of the ‘Best of 2012’ Interior Design winning Taj lamp (below).



Designer Ferruccio Laviani describes the design process for the Taj and the Taj mini:

The name ‘Taj’ pretty much came about by chance. When I saw an image of the lamp in black and white on a piece of paper, the first thing I thought of was an elephant’s tusk.

Taj was conceived as a table lamp, but as the project progressed, we realised that it could just as easily sit on a bedside table or in other areas of the home. I really like how it has its own distinctive style, a far cry from the Bourgie model.

I also like how the lamp is a kind of sculpture that anyone can own. In fact, its essential and bold form (almost like a comma) meant I didn’t want to clutter it with too many finishes or combintations of materials.

I therefore opted for just four finishes: two full colours (white and black) in addition to transparent and opaline. The latter came about by chance as well. There was a matt version amongst the initial prototypes, and I really liked the lalique effect, so I added it to the range.

We decided to design a smaller version of the lamp, as soon as we had wrapped up the main Taj project. The main difference from Taj senior is that I decided to focus heavily on the colour range. I felt that it was important to offer slightly more alluring colours seeing as the object is smaller, helping the lamp blend seamlessly into a range of different settings.

The Taj mini is available in the UK from Connections Interiors.


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