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Contract carpets: colour and design trends

February 7, 2012

Researching new carpet designs I have found that while linears remain strong, a new trend for patterns is emerging. Natural and neutral colours are still core, but manufacturers are also branching out into bolder, more daring colourways.

The popular linear trend prevails with these continuing to be strongly specified for contract and in particular, corporate interiors.

Designs such as Christy Carpets’ Spice Route, installed at this training centre in Oxford, remain in demand.

New linear designs are still being released, with Forbo’s tactile Arran range, part of the Tessera collection. It takes the linear concept in a new direction with its heavyweight, multi-height loop pile. Unashamedly irregular peaks and furrows give it a natural, almost ‘artisan’ appearance.

Milliken’s new Southern Analog modular carpet tiles (below) are another indication that linear is moving towards new concepts. Two designs are incorporated: the variegated linear elements of Panoramic that create a feeling of rhythm and progression, along with the mirage-like structure of Viewfinder, that creates effects such as sun flares and ripples on still water.

Product designers are looking to the next trend and more organic, patterned styles are also coming in. Vanessa Brady, President of the SBID, said recently in advance of the Surface Design show: “Colour is back, it should be muted so as to last the test of time, it should be toned down, to fit the sweeping change in society’s outlook – less ‘show’ more subtlety.”


The state of the contract flooring market

November 18, 2009

FX magazine (October 2009) reported that the UK contract floor coverings market was worth £1.1 billion in 2008, making up just over half of all floor coverings. 2008 saw a slight decline, after strong growth from 2003-2007.

In 2009 the decline is expected to be sharper (as all industries are aware), as new commercial offices, entertainment, retail and refurbishment work have been delayed by the recession and the squeeze on credit.

The article speculated a little as to performance in 2010. Although public sector spending will still be under pressure, we would hope to see commercial projects beginning to get moving again. has large amount of products listed allowing specifiers to filter using technical parameters and compare products side-by-side.

Sustainable design competition

August 27, 2009

Interior Design magazine reports on a new sustainable design competition in the USA.

The Green Building Council has teamed up with The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and The Hospitality Industry Network (NEWH) to create the competition.

Mandatory design elements for all submissions are water efficient fixtures for bathrooms, energy efficient lighting, furniture, linens, carpet or flooring, wall covering or paint, and recycling programs.

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