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Revival Heritage – keeping designs from the past alive

January 18, 2013

Jack Hall’s Revival Heritage blog aims to revive the work of architects, designers and gardeners of the past 500 years.

On the blog, Jack will post visual evidence of lost country houses and estates plus other material that celebrates the work of artists, architects, designers, builders, carpenters & joiners, sculptors, masons and landscape designers / gardeners of the past 500 years.

The Revival Heritage flickr account is a treasure trove of historical material as the interior photographs below show.

Burwell Hall Lincs reception room REVIVALHERITAGE
Burwell Hall, Lincs reception room. Built by 1760 for Matthew Lister, descendant (possibly grandson) of Martin Lister, vice-president of the Royal Society and Royal Physician.

Temple Belwood REVIVALHERITAGE billiard room 1905
Billiard room of Temple Belwood with full size table. Temple Belwood was a complete rebuild of an existing house in 1787 by William Johnson.

Feedback and submissions to the archive are appreciated and welcomed. Images may be used for non-profit activities with a direct link to REVIVAL HERITAGE blog or flickr account.